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10 Ways to Get Ready For Back to School Like a BOSS!

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It’s almost time for the new semester! So how are you going to make it an even better one than the last you ask? Below are my top 10 tips on how to enter into a new semester feeling organized, motivated and ready to smash all of your academic goals!

1.Set aside some time to reflect on your previous year

It’s so important to acknowledge your previous experiences and what lead them to occur. Consider what worked for you and what didn’t. Make sure to consider this for the year ahead to ensure you can strengthen activities that were working well for you and eliminate behaviours that didn’t assist your learning.

2.Set goals for the year ahead

Setting goals is a great way to remain focused and on task, especially during the more stressful times of semester! Make sure you create specific and measurable goals with a realistic timeline in mind. Also, aim to spend some time breaking them down into smaller subgoals and schedule into your planner when you aim to achieve them by, in order to boost your motivation.

3.Work on your physical and mental well-being

Keeping healthy, both mentally and physically is crucial. After all, you certainly want to avoid burning out half way through the semester! I like to go on walks in the fresh air, meditate in the mornings, eat mindfully and fuel my body with the right foods, and also set aside time for my relationships with family and friends, despite having a busy schedule.

4.Write down your favourite inspirational quotes

Place these quotes in visible areas like your diary, planner or around your room. They are a great mood booster and motivator for those days when you need that extra bit of inspiration!

5.Establish a healthy morning routine

The way you start your day can really program how the rest of your day is carried out. Make sure to avoid being rushed, have a healthy breakfast and take some ‘you time’ to relax and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

6.Filter out the negatives and fill your life with the good things!

Don’t waste energy on toxic experiences or friendships. Make sure to eliminate any activities, unhealthy habits or relationships that are having a negative impact on your mental health and academic performance. Instead, focus on relationships with people that support you and the activities that bring you joy and positivity! One of my favourite quotes that has helped me to block out the negativity and focus less on what others may say is "What someone else thinks of me is none of my business." This especially goes for any bullying you may encounter along the way!

7.De-clutter your room and study space

As I always say, a clear study space equals a clear mind! Surround yourself in an environment that makes you want to study, instead of one that is cluttered and may cause you stress.

8.Stock up on useful supplies

A little supply box for school can be really useful. Fill it with anything you may need throughout the semester: Tissues, non-perishable snacks such as muesli bars, cough lozenges for the colder months, Band-Aids etc. You never know when your little secret stash will come in handy!

9.Create your ideal study plan

Make a study plan that is productive, yet achievable. Make sure to allocate time for your other commitments and continually compare your study plan to the actual amount of work you are completing so that you can analyze if you are using your time to the best of your ability.

10.Plan your meals in advance

Sometimes we can get lazy and opt for food that is quick and easy, but not necessarily healthy. Remember, food is fuel, so fill yourself with the right things! By planning healthy meals for the week, you are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods that will leave you feeling unsatisfied and lethargic.

I hope these tips leave you feeling motivated and inspired for school!

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