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​10 Ways to Stay Productive All Day Long!

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Do you sometimes find yourself losing ability to stay productive the further you delve into your day? Today I share my top ten tips on how to REMAIN productive throughout the day, so that you can sleep tightly knowing you’ve been your most efficient self!

Start slow

The way that we begin our mornings can program how we will carry out the rest of our days, so it is crucial to start slowly, with a positive mindset. Enjoy your time in the morning; I like to do some meditation, deep breathing or reading to slowly bring myself into the day. It can also be useful to write down some things you are grateful for, to help maintain an optimistic mindset. Taking this little bit of time to ease into the day can really save you from becoming stressed or flustered throughout the day.

Have a tech-tox

Try to avoid technology for the first 30 minutes of your day. Waking up and reaching for your phone straight away can tempt you to be immediately drawn into distractions and work requirements that will pull your focus from more important things you should be focusing in the morning.

Exercise for at least 7 minutes

Exercise is a fantastic way to release endorphins and this can significantly improve your mood throughout the day. Exercise will also help you combat feelings of sluggishness and feel fresh and ready to take on the big day!

Start your day off green

Okay… so I’m not saying you need to have green eggs and ham! But try and have a green smoothie, either on its own or to accompany another breakfast item. I like to include spinach, spirulina, banana and some almond milk in my morning smoothies! A healthy breakfast is a great way to kick start a healthy day. What’s more, it is the most important meal of the day (as you are breaking the fast), so make sure to fuel yourself with the right foods that will sustain you for the day!

Pick 3 wins

By 3 wins, I mean 3 priorities! Don’t overwhelm yourself with an unrealistic list of daily goals. Instead, choose 3 main wins and focus your energy on achieving them throughout the day! This will help you keep focused and stop you from potentially drawing your attention away from what is important.

Learn to say NO

Many of us (including myself) can become exhausted when we invest too much of our time on others and forget to prioritize ourselves. Make sure not to spread yourself too thin and recognize that it is okay to say no! This means allowing yourself some ‘you’ time and making sure that you don’t over commit to too many activities that will leave you lacking energy.

Take frequent breaks

We can lose concentration if we do not allow ourselves sufficient break time. Aim to take frequent breaks around every 30 minutes to regroup and refresh yourself. You will be able to better sustain your focus, as you will not become mentally fatigued.

Block it out

The best way to get things done is to break down the jobs you need to do into time appointments. By allocating time to complete your to do’s, it will help you remain focused and stop you from spending too much or too little time on a certain activity. Be sure to always allocate sufficient time, in most cases this means extra time for those little unexpected hiccups that you may come across in everyday life!

Prep after Lunch

Lunchtime can be the hump of the day. For many of us, we have been working hard all day and now it’s time for our efficiency to decrease. To avoid this, aim to reset yourself. Take some time away from your desk, eat outside, chat with friends and then regroup. By resting and re-energizing sufficiently over lunchtime, you will be able to re-enter into the second half of the day feeling refreshed and motivated.

Avoid distractions!

Try and stay away from activities that will lead you astray! Instead, give yourself designated distraction time where you can relax and do whatever you would like. You might like to set aside the first hour of your evening when you get home to watch TV, scroll through social media or call a friend. This will help you to avoid those feelings of guilt that tend to creep in when you know you should be focusing on a task but find your mind wondering or checking your phone all too frequently!

Have a think about your daily routine and how you can incorporate some, if not all of these tips into your lifestyle!

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