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How To Prepare For Exam Day!

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Exam time can often be very stressful, but only if we allow it to be! Today I share with you my favorite tips to prepare for exam day and how you can reduce any unwanted stress or anxiety, which may influence your performance on the day. We work so hard for our final exams and we really don’t want to allow short-term emotions to overcome us when we are being tested on all the information we have spent so long learning. These tips will help you minimize stress and walk into the exam venue feeling confident and in your best possible mindset!

Firstly, make sure that you get sufficient sleep the night before. You do not want to feel fatigued or exhausted the day of an exam, as it will effect how clearly you understand the questions that are being asked. Try to not wake up too early either; this leaves you with more time in the morning to sit in your nervousness.

If you do wake up early and have time to spare, go outside and get some fresh air! Instead of sitting in bed building up potential anxiety about the exam, try to get up and do some exercise, get a coffee or tea or just spend some time with family members or a pet. This will allow you to draw your attention away from the exam and have some relaxation time, which will leave you feeling less stressed and more centered within yourself before the exam.

Another great way to boost your confidence is to feel good about yourself, both internally and externally! Wear something comfortable that makes you feel at ease. You might even have some lucky socks you like to wear! Make sure you feel fresh, so start the day with a shower, spend those extra few minutes to properly brush your hair, wash your face etc. I like to dress to impress (…impress myself!). Things such as the way you feel about yourself on exam day can have significant impact upon your confidence, which really helps to reduce any anxiety on examination day!

One of the most important tips is to fuel yourself. Make sure to have a breakfast that is healthy and will keep you full for the duration of your exam. Try and include food that is high in protein and low in GI. You should also consider taking some snacks to the exam venue which you can have before you begin the exam. Make sure to check out my YouTube channel ‘Study with Jess’ and look at the brain food playlist, it has plenty of healthy snack and meal ideas that you could use!

Make sure that you also arrive with enough time. I suggest arriving 15-20 minutes before the exam room opens, to help reduce anxiety and familiarize yourself with the environment. This is also a great time to briefly look over some flashcards if you would like.

Importantly, support yourself and others! When I was at university, I liked to meet up with my friends before the exam. It would really help me feel less stressed and at ease. Being around my peers reminded me that I wasn’t in it alone. It’s also great to use some positive self-talk to boost your confidence and feel good about yourself!

Finally, remember that exams are not the ‘be all, end all’! We are tested so that our teachers can see our academic progress and whether or not their teaching methods are efficient. We should not compare ourselves to others, as one of our strengths may be another persons’ weakness and vice versa. It’s all about progress, so we should really remember when sitting in the exam that one singular grade does not measure how intelligent or prospective we are as an individual. If you have studied hard, instead of worrying about things on the exam that you may not be completely confident in, make sure to focus your energy on the aspect that there is so much information you do you know and it’s now your time to shine and confidently show that! When you put an exam into perspective, it really assists you in reducing your stress and anxiety levels and encourages you to reconsider if the extent of your nerves are truly necessary!

I hope that these tips help you and remember to always back yourself. You’ve got this!

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